Saturday, 23 July 2011

Clicking The Right Media!

Ever wondered why the world wants to reach moon knowing that there's no oxygen, gravity and even water? why the world praises the glittering stars more than the chandlers? And even rainbows more than the marshmallows(though they are tasty :P)? Why the people still aim at the hanging apples even if their baskets are full? That's because the human instinct loves aiming at the 'top'. People love un-matchable personalities, the different and the phenomenal ones. Well, now u must be thinking what makes people phenomenal?

Let's say there's a crowd of 20 people with one person wearing a Giorgio Armani dress with a Rolex watch and shoes by Burberry. He will definitely stand out and will attract more crowd than a person wearing just a Prada watch. Why? because the former's got everything perfect! and in front of that person the entire crowd seems insignificant.

That's what happens when u are promoting your cause on social media.Just write Maria.B once on Google search and from head to toe the entire page is jam-packed with the websites, images, promotional websites, advertisements and more promotional links of Maria.B.

So, keeping all the media perfect does make u stay on the 'top'! you believe it or not, world does worship the rising sun.

so, if you plan to promote your cause, website, or creativity just befriend the social media and dress it in the perfect way. How do u do that? it's simple. click the right media through Media Clicks! Media Clicks helps you stay on the top by transferring the Right MESSAGE to the right AUDIENCE through the right MEDIA. 

Media Clicks refreshes your personality by redefining your presence on all the media.

That's what everyone calls a good investment? For those who fear shedding bucks for promotions are subject to my 'Spherical Earth Theory Sequel'. It says that earth is round and everything moves in a circle so whatever you give comes back to you one day in a similar or a different form; such as, your investment comes back to you in the form of your potential clients! (by the way, you can also call it conservation of mass theory-II )

But the world today is too connected and in every corner there's a thrift store. So Beware, do not let the sales person beguile you to buy cheap and short-lived jacket! Buy once and long-lasting one even if it costs few more bucks.

Tip Of The Day: When choosing between a L'Oreal Paris and Body Shop cosmetics, go for L'Oreal Paris because it lasts longer ;) 

Hope i made my point clear. 
Good Luck!

By Marria Iram
For Media Clicks

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who we are @ Media Clicks

Imagination fumes our passion. Desire to create our anthem and we do it in most afforable way. We start our job by listening and finish by delivering.

Our sucess lies in commitment we make and commitment we give. This is who we are. This is what we do.

Long ago we had bed time stories. Today we all have a story to tell.
This is where we come in. Like the bird for blind prince. Not that you are blind but we do exactly the reverse. We let the world see the prince.

We help you tell your story better. For the world today is too connected to let go existence.

To know about us go to or or follow us on Twitter mediaclicks....Our Showreel is available on youtube channel mediaclicks1. Even you can write to us at If feeling more hungry to know about us plan a formal/Informal Meeting.